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These are a few of my favourite things...

Joan Rivers : Enter Talking

If there was one book I could force every performer to read, it would be this. I started reading it at a B&B years ago, and it was so mindblowingly great that I took the copy home with me and vowed to post it back, but never did. The most inspiring book for performers ever ever ever. Especially if you're losing hope. 

Maeve Higgins : We have a good time don't we?

My copy is on permanent loan to female comedians all across Melbourne. I don't even know who has it anymore, and I don't care, because it's such a hilarious collection of essays about what it's like to be a "regular human girl". Also there is a story about swimming with dolphins that made me laugh so hard I woke everyone in my household up in the middle of the night because I couldn't breathe. 

Charmian Carr : Forever Leisl

Little known fact - Leisl from The Sound of Music has an autobiography! I KNOW. As a small child basically everyone I knew wanted to be Leisl. (I personally wanted to be Suzanne Clachair, but Leisl was my number 2, and I loved reading her book).  

Project Rockit

These girls rock! I used to live with Rosie, and Lucy designed the posters for Nothing Extraordinary Ever Happens in Toowoomba. (Ever) and Donna and Damo: An Asexual Love Story. They represent all things great for school students in the modern era. Check 'em out. 

The Diary of Kylie Mole

The greatest diary ever to have been published, I chose it for my year 8 book review back in 1995. When I read the section to the class about Kylie's brother wanting to take his imaginary friend Henry on family holiday (and Kylie subsequently murdering Henry by pushing him out of the car on the highway) I laughed so hard my legs gave out from under me and I went down like a sack of potatoes. My awesome English teacher Ms Frances loved how convincingly I sold the humour and gave me an A! Thanks Ms Frances, I still remember! 


Amy Borrell Illustration & Design

Amy did all the illustrations on my website. She is so talented. Hire her!

MUST - Monash University Student Theatre

All of my shows have had their debut readings at MUST. It's been the breeding ground of a tonne of young theatre makers and performers over the years, and they continue to support us years later. RESPECT.  


Monash University Bachelor of Performing Arts

This is the course I did. I loved it. Unfortunately it no longer exists. Something about funding blah blah blah blah blah. 


The Melbourne Fringe

This was the first festival I ever applied to. They took a punt and gave me a room with a stage in which I found my voice. I love them. 


Channel 31 Melbourne Interview 

A two part interview with Nicolette Minster for Bucket's List, Melbourne Fringe 2014. 


An article about CHOIR GIRL which appeared on AussieTheatre


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